[Video] Can you be Christian and do Yoga?

Did you know that Yoga means Yoke?
Did you know that the source of Yoga has been
Hinduism? We can not separate the two

Purvi was born in India and had a lot of Hinduism influence and background.
She was deeply involved with yoga, she was addicted to this practices, like a drug addict, because "it is sustaining the euphoria and it is so good" (she was used to say).

Well, is it because something is good that it is really good? Or, is it because a drug seems good that it is really good and safe?

After a while, breathing techniques, chanting, invocations, postures, nothing could help her anymore: Purvi started to get sick with all kinds of diseases and got sicker and sicker while she was getting involved more and more in Yoga, until the point she was about to suicide, until her last "chance"...

Purvi: [...] "This is exciting for me because, 
I NEVER in a million years thought that I would be a christian! 
I used to argue with christians
I had NO clue about the power of the LIVING God!" [...]

Since that time, because of her testimony, countless people around her repented and stopped practicing Yoga.
Let's listen to her and to show us the dangers of Yoga & Kundalini.

After being informed that the audience would have some professing Christians who do yoga, this talk "Dangers of Yoga and Kundalini" was given.

This talk includes Purvi's testimony of her journey as a former devoted Yogi to a follower of Jesus Christ/Yeshua haMashiach as well as an analysis of Yoga from a biblical perspective for the first hour. The second portion is a question and answer session.

Special thanks to brother Rodney and sister Khala for helping get out the truth about Yoga and for great hospitality!

**Isha Yoga document referenced in video: http://www.martusministry.org/downloa...

*****Praise report update: We have been informed that after this talk, several people from the audience have repented of yoga involvement and quit their classes, Halleluyah!!


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