[Warning! Biblical Prophecy in the NEWS] Obama’s help to Jihadists is the building of the Antichrist army on earth!


Obama’s help to Jihadists is the building of the Antichrist army on earth! Aug 19 2014

Prophecy in the News: This video covers more information relating to Obama and the Khorasan ( mainly Afghanistan) prophecy of Islam and Obama’s role as Al-Mahdi which is the biblical Antichrist as his actions repeatedly speak louder than his deceitful words.

Articles covered:

CIA expert: Obama, Osama share Mideast goal Aug 13 2014
Imam to Obama: ‘End Oppression of Muslims’; Obama to Imam: ‘Pray for Me’ Apr 27 2014
Obama Says U.S. To Back Mideast Truce Talks Aug 6 2014
Allen West Declares Obama An Islamist aug 14 2014
U.S. Troops to Leave Afghanistan by End of 2016 May 27 2014
Obama to cut troops, says Afghanistan ‘will not be a perfect place’ May 27 2014
Obama Frees Al-Qaida, Not Just Taliban, From Gitmo July 22 2014
We’re training the Taliban to kill us — and take back Afghanistan Aug 9 2014
Hadith Explanation – Black Flags from Khorasan are Mahdi’s

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