[Audio] Mahdi Obama Engineering Islamic Prophecy of Khorasan

“Eye of The Storm” Radio Broadcast Aug 12 2014

“Eye of The Storm” Radio Broadcast Aug 12 2014 “Mahdi Obama Engineering Islamic Prophecy of Khorasan”

Obama engineering Islamic prophecy in Afghanistan/Khorasan, Jerusalem’s Abominations,
7 Heads, New World Order, Mark of the Beast, Christian Genocide,World War III, Two State Solution/Antichrist treaty, Pestilences, Sea and Waves Roaring,“Striving to remember the bigger picture!” and more!

“Eye of The Storm” Radio Broadcast Aug 12 2014 “Mahdi Obama Engineering Islamic Prophecy of Khorasan”

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Articles covered:
Israel to grant citizenship to same-sex spouses of Jews Aug 12 2014

Thousands converge in Jerusalem for annual gay pride parade Aug 1 2014

Jimmy Carter calls on US, EU to recognize Hamas Aug 6 2014

Obama: The People of Gaza Need Hope Aug 7 2014

Obama: “Gaza cannot remain closed off” Aug 7 2014

Kerry calls for two-state solution as fragile Gaza truce holds Aug 6 2014

Mitchell: A 2-State Solution Still Mideast’s Best Hope Aug 10 2014

Livni presents plan to end conflict with Hamas, restart talks with PA Aug 8 2014

Saudi Arabia: “Without Negotiations, Israel Will Be Annihilated” Aug 13 2014

Netanyahu ‘Softening’ Ministers for Concessions to Hamas? Aug 13 2014

UK to halt some arms sales to Israel if fighting resumes Aug 13 2014

Obama, Cameron call for end to hostilities in Gaza: White House Aug 9 2014

In Seattle, Barack Obama talks of unease about world July 22 2014

Vatican Calls for New World Economic Order Oct 24 2011

Microchips Will Be Implanted Into Healthy People Sooner Than You Think Aug 8 2014

Report Says G7 Will Freeze New World Bank Projects in Russia Aug 1 2014

U.S. and Italy Threaten New Sanctions if Russia Goes Ahead With Ukraine ‘Aid’ Mission Aug 12 2014

Russian bombers increase flights near U.S. Airspace Aug 7 2014

ISIS Captures Largest Christian Town In Iraq And Several Others, Thousands Of Minorities Flee, Aug 7 2014

Genocide of Christians Happening, Family Shot in the Faces in Refusal to Convert, Aug 10 2014

U.N. ( WHO) Agency Calls Ebola Outbreak an International Health Emergency, Aug 8, 2014

Ebola outbreak spurs use of untested vaccine, Aug 12 2014
RT NEWS http://youtu.be/VF8dRNoSbzM

CDC has Ebola listed as a bioterrorism agent

FDA eases restrictions on experimental Ebola drug as CDC warns of ‘inevitable’ spread to US Aug 8 2014

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