[Warning! Biblical Prophecy in the NEWS]Obama the Antichrist, Al-Mahdi of Islam, 1st Seal a Bow and Crown


Kevin here, is updating news. Please pray, open your eyes and listen, time is runing faster & faster...while MOST people is SLEEPING.
Discover what message the White House RTed {Retwitted} to muslims people about the Obama crown! And much more...All blessings and shalom.[Note from Valerie] 

The biblical Antichrist which is the Al-Mahdi of Islam (Obama), is slowly but surely making his role more visible to those who have eyes to see. We have been sharing how Barack Hussein Obama has been showing his loyalty to Islam ( and bias against Christians) through his actions.

Recent developments include Obama being asked by an Imam to end oppression of Muslims ( AL-Mahdi is a political leader that brings "justice" to Muslims) and Obama asking the Imam to pray for him, as well as the White House strategically tweeting a photo-shopped image of Obama with a bow and crown (using the excuse of it being a light hearted joke with the theme of "Game of Thrones"), a direct sign alluding to Rev 6:2 ( Muslims believe Rev 6:2 refers to their Al-Mahdi while Rev 6:2 in Christian prophecy refers to the Antichrist).

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